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Cultivate a home within yourself

Create lasting change for a more fulfilling life, deeper connections, and stronger relationships.

daphne moked therapy
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There are things we simply do not have control over. 

What we do have is the ability to decide how we will react in times of crisis, trauma, upheaval and change. These are defining moments and we have the power to guide how they are imprinted on our lives. They build the very fabric of our being.

daphne moked therapy

Hi, I'm Daphne

I have spent the last decade working with individuals on how to deeply discover themselves and cultivate healthy relationships with themselves and others. At the core of our essence, being seen, heard, and understood is so necessary for our well-being, and my ultimate goal is to always be a constant for you on your path to creating healing changes in your life. 

natural background

Work With Me

I am here to guide you to being the very best version of yourself. Through self-care, mindfulness, tapping into healthy daily rituals, and strengthening your relationships and goals, we will work together step-by-step towards powerful, healing changes in your life.

Individual Therapy

I provide a safe space for individuals to develop tools to tackle everyday challenges as well as heal old wounds in order to move forward, and develop a deeper understanding of oneself.

Couples Therapy

Whether it be couples in marriage, friendship or companionship, business partners or family members, I work with all facets of relationships to create harmonious connections and the healthy maintenance that each one needs and deserves. 

Kind Words

"I have truly never met a better listener than Daphne. I came to each session as I was, and without exception I felt profoundly heard and validated. It became a model for my relationship with myself and others."

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