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In therapy, we often think we need someone who can lend an ear to listen. But more importantly, we need someone who listens and understands in the right way.

Someone who excels in identifying what is ailing you and gradually guides you to the necessary changes to feel better and move forward. True healing takes place when we feel safely connected in a supportive environment.

I am here as your safe place.

Through my relational approach and deep integration of mindfulness and somatic body awareness, I will point out blind spots and reveal hard truths while still championing your abilities to work towards positive outcomes with empathy and compassion for your history.


We will set goals for your continued growth. We will take your perceived faults and past wounds as valuable opportunities for development; healing and working with them to form new thoughts and behaviors.


In effect, we will transform them into hard-earned attributes that will best serve you and create lasting change for a more fulfilling life, deeper connections, and stronger relationships.

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Imagine a sculpture that has its foundation,

yet is very much a work in progress. Its creator has taken time away. Maybe even felt overwhelmed by the task at hand. You are the creator coming back to carve out the details; to create nuance where it didn't yet exist. You are in control of what this piece of art will eventually be. You can envision new, attainable possibilities.

There are no quick fix approaches and I don’t provide easy answers. We will develop a trusting therapeutic space together, and, over time, you will gain a greater awareness of your past experiences, heal old wounds and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. My intention is for you to leave our sessions with heightened awareness and self-compassion for your mind, body and progress.

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